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Unfortunately every pest problem is different and so off the shelf treatments are rarely appropriate.

The few that can be tackled are listed below.  If the window you are after isn't available just get in touch and I will fit you in.  Please add your postcode in the address field.  If no wasp nest is found then unfortunately a £40 callout fee would be payable, so please be sure you know the location of the nest before booking.  Please add your Postcode!  For additional wasp nests on the same property a charge of £40 per nest will apply.

N.B.  Please do not book Flea, Mouse or Moth jobs any less than 48hrs from the time of booking.  This so I can contact you to talk you through the treatment.  Your premises must be prepared by yourselves for the treatment to be effective.  If these preparations are not done the treatment will not work or the treatment may be refused.

*For locations further than 20 miles/30 minutes drive, additional charges may apply.

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