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Wasps & Wasp Nest Removal


Vespula vulgaris L/Vespula germanica L

  • 10 - 20mm

  • Narrow waist

  • Distinctive black and yellow banding

  • Two pairs of membranous wings


Buildings or hollow trees. Likely in sheds, disused mouse holes in garden and eaves of house.


In mid April a Queen constructs 10-20 chambers and lays an egg in each one.  Sterile female workers hatch and by late summer the colony reaches 3500 to 35000 individuals.


Active nests should be treated as soon as they are identified by introducing residual insecticide into the nest.  Great care should be taken as disturbed wasps are aggressive.

Wasp Nest Removal – Local to Cambridge - £60

Wasp nest removal, particularly in a residential or domestic situation, can quite often be carried out by a non-professional because wasp insecticides are freely available in your local DIY store. However, dealing with a nest can be quite an unsettling experience and ensuring that the nest is completely destroyed is not that straightforward.


On the basis of this, Mark, at DoctorPest, would always recommend that wherever you live, you call upon a trained professional pest control service like his to ensure that your nest, or nests, are dealt with effectively and efficiently. Add to this that it is them that are fully equipped and experienced to handle the situation, with no hassle for you!

Whilst the wasp treatment is being carried out an inspection will be made to find any other active nests. Residential properties often will have more than one nest if the local conditions are favourable. 

Any additional nests can be treated on the same visit for an additional £40 per nest.


Mark prides himself on offering a prompt, friendly and professional service.


Contact DoctorPest – Cambridge Area – 07999 394 433

DoctorPest is a Cambridge-based professional pest control service covering approximately 20 miles radius of the City. To contact Mark, please use the booking form HERE, or call 07999 394 433.  

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